Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Who is that? Yeah, THAT'S ME! TODAY! 10-14-2009 AND I am wearing a nine west pair of jeans in a size 12!!!! ( I had a little assistance in the Lycra department!)
Yes - That's my butt too~ Brooklyn said I still have pointy things on my thighs - yes dear, thank Grandma Chrissy for those saddle bags
Still have a ways to go. I haven't been able to get to the gym since the end of July because of this back thing. So I am frustrated with my weight loss - but I haven't gained any weight. I am at just above 90lbs. And know that if I was able to do any cardio or weights I could be down at least 100 - but oh well. About the back I am going to have to have the discectomy - I have a disc that it herniated so badly between my l4 -l5 that it is pressing the peripheral nerve against the spinal column above. So it feels like I have a charlie horse from my left buttock to my calf - on a good day. So the Dr. will be cutting that part of the disc off and then clearing the disc between l5-s1 out as it is pressing on my sciatic. Fun stuff - don't be jealous! On a bad day it feels like a charlie horse on fire. I am going to try to wait until Christmas break, I can't afford to miss my chemistry class. Cholesterol update - it went up again. The only reason that makes sense as to why it goes up is that my parents passed down some crappy cholesterol gene. It is still in the 170's so nothing to worry about. And I just resized my wedding rings down to a 6.
ok the pictures below are for comic relief only
So I held on to this pair of Levi's from when I was not so fat. In hopes that someday I could wear them again. I put them on Saturday - and got a good laugh. They are sooooooo flipping high waisted - and sooo very tapered at the ankle - they bunch around my ankles and baggy in the hips. Not cute. Not flattering - at all! They have been retired!

So luckily I had a friend who was between a size 8 -14 in the year after she had twins give me a bunch of handmedowns- see the entire outfit above - so these levis can rest peacefully in the goodwill bag!

facebook officially killed my blog. sorry - i post pictures of the girls there - I will post some of the kids - eventually to my blog


Rachel said...

Oh my word Erica!!! You look GREAT!!! I'm way behind on checking blogs... hope you all are doing great! :)

Ryan & Brooke said...

my daughter has a hemangioma by her ear also. I was wondering if I could get some info on how you treated your daughters.